TPC Multi-Pack Gas Analyser

TPC Multi-Pack is a semi automatic gas analyser that can measure multiple packs simultaneously. It negates the need for self adhesive septa and can be used by staff with absolutely minimal training. Results are taken in only a few seconds with no risk of needles becoming blocked.

Can measure multiple packs in a few seconds

NO risk of needle becoming blocked & NO Septa.

Can be used in packs with LOW headspace

Can be used in packs with sauce and or powder that would block traditional analysers

Custom designed to measure any number of packs simultaneously

Product information

The TPC Multi-Pack can be configured to analyse any number of packs simultaneously, as the manifold is custom designed to suit each application. The unique measurement principle allows for safe & rapid testing of multiple packs in only a few seconds. Furthermore, the needle will never block and it can be used to measure packs that are traditionally very difficult to sample such as, packs with very low headspace and packs with wet, saucy or powdery products inside.

Constructed from high grade stainless steel, this instrument is designed to used in harsh, high speed production environments. There are multiple traceability options with data being downloadable to your network for electronic reporting.

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