TPC Desktop (Total Package Control)

An all in one desktop GAS Analyser with integrated LEAK detector for quality control of gas flushing & package seal integrity. The instrument also benefits from an integrated BURST Tester.

Measures Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide (other gas options)

Measures seal integrity via Leak Detector & integrated Burst Tester

Sensitivity to 5 microns, 0-999mb Burst Test

Zirconia, Electrochemical, or Optical sensor for O2 measurement

Double Beam Infra Red sensor for CO2 measurement

DIN 55508-1 compliant

Product information

The TPC Desktop is our top of the range desktop instrument for total pack control. It is able to perform a measurement of GAS + LEAK+ BURST in one single test.

Measure O2 with either a zirconia, electrochemical or even optical oxygen sensor and the CO2 with our rapid infra red sensor. The LEAK detector works by gently inflating the pack to a very low pressure and then measuring the flow to maintain that pressure. This flow rate can then be correlated to an equivalent hole size from 5 - 500micron.

The BURST function inflates the pack until it bursts. The highest pressure reached prior to bursting is recorded and this gives the operator critical information on the seal integrity of the pack.

The data can then be analysed on screen and or sent to a PC for further analysis and trending.

Download a data sheet for full product and technical specification

Modified Atmosphere Packaging, Leak Detection, Seal Integrity & Burst Tester

MAP gas analysis

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