Testing Services

We offer a wide variety of testing services to help evaluate your packaging performance or sheet material performance.

Detailed below are the testing services we offer...

Please contact us to discuss any of the Testing Services. We will supply a detailed report with photos, certified results (and video recording if requested).


Gas Analysis: O2, CO2, C2H4, N2 inside packages
Leak Detection: Any sealed pack, soft, semi-rigid or rigid packaging materials can be tested with our instruments in a variety of techniques
Burst Testing: Any soft or semi-rigid packs can be tested from 0 -1.5bar
Porosity Testing: Any sheet material that is selectively permeable can be analysed against flow and pressure to give an accurate assessment of porosity (this includes degassing valves).
High Altitude Simulation Testing: We can simulate high altitude to performance evaluate your package quality
Oxygen Absorbers: We can supply oxygen absorbers to you, which you can seal in your packs and we will measure the results achieved
CO2 Absorbers: We can supply CO2 absorbers, which you can seal in your packs and we will measure the results achieved
Water Vapour Permeability Testing: We have several methods to measure MVTR across any materialOxygen
Permeability Testing : We have multiple techniques for measuring oxygen permeability across virtually any film or membrane
All Gases Permeability Testing: We have multiple instruments and technologies for measuring the permeability of any gas across any film or membrane.

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