GSX Fixed CO2 Monitor Beverage Systems

Monitors CO2 for safety (breathability) in beverage applications utilising CO2 in the hospitality industry.

Monitors CO2 concentration in enclosed spaces (Bar cellar)

Main unit with LED display and remote sensor

Background self calibration

Option to connect with warning or extraction systems

Additional CO2 sensor option

Product information

With its high reliability, short response time to changing carbon dioxide levels, the large display, the LED alarm, the integrated acoustic alarm, the low cost of acquisition, the effortless installation, the gas warning unit GSX100 is a versatile and safe gas warning system for the monitoring of hazardous carbon dioxide concentrations.

The gas detection unit, GSX100 is a compact, easy-to-use and quickly installed system specialised in monitoring carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration. In closed rooms which are insufficiently aired, CO2 can remain undetected and quickly reach life-threatening levels because it is odourless and colourless.

Consisting of a control unit with an LED display, together with a separate pre-assembled digital sensor on a 3m cable, the sensor possesses a background self calibration facility.

Floating relays can be connected to additional warning systems or extraction systems and there is an option to connect a second CO2 sensor.

Download a data sheet for full product and technical specification

Monitor CO2 levels in enclosed spaces

Beverage and Bar Cellars

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