BREATHE Carbon Dioxide Monitor

Monitor CO2 levels in areas where CO2 may be present in the workplace, modified packaging production lines and alert employees at an early stage to danger signs. Can be linked to multiple sensors, alarms, and flashing lights.

Monitor CO2 levels in the workplace

Early warning of gas level dangers

Comply with legal safety requirements

Modular system, easily extended

Sensors are uniquely waterproof and can even be washed by high pressure water cleaners

Product information

Our gas detection systems provide reliable protection against the dangers of CO2 exposure in industries where CO2 gas is used including MAP production lines. Our instruments provide early stage detection of hazards and warn people of impending danger.

With our BREATHE Gas Detection systems you increase the safety of your employees and meet the legal requirements for occupational safety and industrial safety. You also comply with accident prevention regulations.

The instrument is a proven modular system snd can be used with 1-8 analog sensors and in parallel, as a BUS system. The generous display allows the user to view all the important information at a glance.

Alarms, faults and operating conditions are also signalled via LED indicators on the main instrument. Secondary visual flashing alarms and loud audible sirens are also available.

Download a data sheet for full product and technical specification

Workplaces with carbon dioxide present automotive, brewing, food

Modified atmosphere packaging areas (MAP)

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