BREATHE Underground Parking Gas Monitor

Designed to provide continuous surveillance of toxic gases in underground parking garages

Monitors toxic concentration of Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxide or Propane

Specifically designed for underground or enclosed car parks

Can be linked with to 40 GSE combination gas sensors

Can be easily configured into alarm zones

Password protected

Product information

Designed to monitor air quality and in underground car parks BREATHE UPG BUS is a bus-capable measuring and control system used for the monitoring of air for toxic concentrations of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide or propane in underground garages according to VDI 2053 or similar locked units in which vehicles with combustion engines are operated.

BREATHE UPG BUS is suitable for connection of up to 40 pc GSE combination gas sensors, distributed over 4 bus lines and 8 analogue sensors and has 10 freely configurable potential-free changeover relays and can be configured for individual alarm zones, depending on the application.

Functions include alarm delays, static and clocking alarm messages as well as error messages can be freely set. Additional zone units are not required, password protection is standard and the system is designed to work in dirty and dusty enviroments.

Download a data sheet for full product and technical specification

Underground Car Parking

Enclosed Vehicle Spaces

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