Vacuum Insulated Pipework

Planning and installation of vacuum-insulated pipes used across food processing, medical and laboratories. We build efficient and controlled systems. MIVL (mineral insulated) and SIVL (super insulated) transfer lines for cryogenic liquid gases for industry and for research & development..

Pipeline Construction

Planning and specification of systems

Diverse project management and implementation

Product information

As experienced experts in technical gases, we plan precisely the correct course of the pipeline, then manufacture and assemble it at a single location. We are specialists in pipeline construction for vacuum-insulated pipelines in the food and laboratory sector. Our in-house production facility enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to many different requirements and diverse processes.

The individual system components can be easily and quickly connected and disconnected using plug-in couplings (according to Johnston). They are very economically prefabricated in certain standard sizes and then assembled on site into plants of almost any size and complexity. Screwable retaining rings and O-rings hermetically seal the connections between the track segments. At the customer's request or if the special requirement makes it necessary, the connections can also be designed as weld couplings.

Due to cable angles, bends and especially flexible super vacuum-insulated cables, our systems are not subject to planning limits.
They can also be expanded and combined at any time.

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Laboratories & Hi-tech engineering

Cryogenic Food Production

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