Bespoke Gas Control Systems

Our in house development team and partners are able to develop solutions quickly, cost effectively and efficiently for custom build gas control technologies and software that spans the Food Processing Sector, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Life Science applications as well as all manufacturing & R&D sectors. From individual pack testing of new style valves to in line large scale multiple factory requirements, EMCO works with some of the biggest brand names in the world to make sure we match your systems and processes.

Custom Build Systems
Custom Build Systems

Innovation and Advancement Worldwide

In the sphere of technical gasses, EMCO specialises in implementing complete solutions all over the world. They are used, for example, in automotive engineering for gas flow control in robot laser welding systems or for pressure control in foundry equipment or in N2 dosing and measuring systems for oxygen reduction. Our expertise, skills and knowledge are based on 25 years of experience in designing and implementing customised solutions. From initial planning right through to final commissioning, everything (including system maintenance) from one single source.


Custom built applications: Store (tanks), Mix, Control (Flow & Pressure), Pipe (Vacuum insulated), Analyse, Detect & Alert

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