Sentinel C19 Air Check

Stay alert and know when to increase ventilation, find safe space capacity and maintain air quality in enclosed spaces to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Monitor Air Quality For Virus Triggers

Emco has developed three very simple and easy to use CO2 measurement systems, that are able to detect background exhaled carbon dioxide. When the exhaled water vapour density increases in a confined space, the risk of virus transmission is significantly increased, even with social distancing in place.

Scientists around the world have highlighted the need for fresh air movement inside a building, train, classroom or hotel in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The quality of air is not visible to the naked eye and CO2 is an ideal proxy for air quality measurement.

The EMCO Sentinel range tells you precisely when changes need to be made to air quality and when the air quality is good.

Small or Large Space Monitoring

EMCO Sentinel works for varied installation locations. From trains, tubes or buses to classrooms, offices or restaurants the same monitoring solution is able to alert users to air quality issues. With a choice of personal, handheld or fixed unit.

The fixed unit which attaches to a wall or ceiling is a constant monitor, ideal for spaces where there are variable ventilation options, that can be increased or decreased as required. In colder months, there is a greater tendency to close windows and doors or reduce fresh air input. A fixed Sentinel is a constant guard and reminder to adjust air flow when required.

An EMCO handheld Sentinel brings users the flexibility to monitor multiple spaces, be that different areas of a factory, multiple railway carriages or classrooms as well as help establish correct settings for ventilation, where variables will be relatively standardised.

Protecting, Staff, Students, Passengers & Guests

The WHO advice strongly highlights the need for air movement to reduce transmission opportunities in a virus that is suspended in aerosol. Advice from health organisations around the world & scientists repeat this same vital point. A room, even with distanced individuals in it, needs to be properly ventilated, if not the spread risk can build dramatically.

Using an EMCO Sentinel, you can continuously monitor CO2 levels, which are accepted as a proxy for the build up of water vapour, that increase the risk of virus transmission. .

All EMCO products are produced in our ISO certified manufacturing plant in Europe.

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