EMCO Gas Mixer for Life Science Blood Gas Control

Blood Gas Sensor

It is vital to be able precisely control O2 + CO2 + N2 for blood sensor development. Scilogica opted to utilise EMCO’s gas mixer to create the optimum conditions for the development of their innovative Elucido® platform. It continuously measures the blood analytes with no expected drift corrections required during the first 72 hours of continuous usage. 

Photo Above shows SciLogica’s development lab utilising the EMCO Gas Mixer

Scilogica opted to specify our TGMix without an interface on the mixer itself and instead utilise our ECS - EasyControl software. This allows an independent PC to take full control of all of the usual parameters of the gas mixer. The mixer itself is delivered in a slimline custom stainless steel housing with push fit connections and IP54 protection.

It is this flexibility and customisation that makes our gas mixers stand out from the crowd.

The EMCO TGMix incorporates fully electronic thermal flow regulators which guarantees high precision, stable control and consistent reproducibility. The system is specifically designed to operate on the lowest gas withdrawal rates whilst main­taining the highest degree of mixing accuracy.

By working hand in hand with clients such as Scilogica, using the broad range of instruments we provide and in-house development teams Emco is able to quickly and cost effectively provide bespoke as well as off the shelp mechanical and electonically controlled gas equipment for very specialist uses.

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