TSMix Gas Mixer for Tray Sealer & Vacuum Packaging Machines

TSMix controls FLOW and GAS concentration of 2 or 3 gases for cyclical Tray Sealer or "thermoform" type Packaging Machines. Available with or without a gas analyser the unit includes a buffer tank and offers fully electronic precision gas control for accuracy and cost saving.

Specifically designed for tray sealers and thermoform packaging machines

Ideal for scenarios with low gas consumption and high mixing demands

Fully Electronic Thermal Flow Regulators guarantee high precision

Optimises and measures every packing cycle, thus saving gas

Records exact flow rates and consumption + optional Modbus & Profibus interfaces

Product information

The TCMix controls flow and gas concentration of 2 or 3 gases for cyclical Tray Sealer or Thermoform Packaging Machines. It incorporates a buffer tank & fully electronic thermal flow regulators which guarantees high precision, stable control and consistent reproducibility. The system is specifically designed to operate on the lowest gas withdrawal rates whilst main­taining the highest degree of mixing accuracy.

Optional MODBUS and/or Profibus interface for easy integration with modern control systems. Mixer & analyser can be controlled on a touch screen or directly via the Packaging machine.

Quality and cost control by recording the exact flow rates & consumption data of the individual gases

Reduces labour and reduces waste when contrasted against destructive random gas analysis

Download a data sheet for full product and technical specification

Tray Seal Packaging Machines Gas Control

Thermoform Packaging Machines Gas control

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