PRM200 Produce Respiration Measurement

A versatile respiration rate measuring device designed for the fruit, vegetable & flower markets

Simultaneously measures O2 + CO2 + humidity to measure RQ (respiration quotient)

Use to optimise packaging for extended produce shelf life

Can be used with loose or packaged products

Chamber temp range -20 to +65 degrees Celsius

Computer controlled

Product information

The PRM 200 Respiration Rate Meter is a versatile respiration rate measuring device designed for the fruit and vegetable produce markets.

It is used primarily to optimise packaging to extend shelf life in chilled and ambient conditions, both during shipping and display stages.Loose produce may be placed inside a chamber of approximately 2 litres in volume. This chamber is sealed and the oxygen, carbon dioxide and humidity levels monitored by recirculating the air inside it, through the appropriate sensors. Before recirculation, the composition of the gas in the chamber may be changed by purging with any blend of nitrogen, carbon dioxide or oxygen. Alternatively pre-packaged whole & sealed packs of produce, can also be measured.

Download a data sheet for full product and technical specification

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