Oxygen Absorbers on a Reel

A reel of ATCO® Oxygen Absorbers with "sachets" that are designed to be cut and dispensed automatically. The absorbers eliminate pack oxygen to extend shelf life & maintain product freshness & colour.

Capacities to absorb oxygen range from 20ml to 200ml

Oxygen reduced from 20.94% to less than 0.01% throughout the shelf life of the product

Reduces oxidation & discolouration and suitable for Organic foods

Absorbs the O2 in the headspace and also the O2 dissolved in the foodstuff

Contains only food grade materials and meets EU legislation for direct food contact.

Also suitable for Pharmaceutical and Medical Applications

Product information

ATCO® Oxygen Absorbers extend product life and maintain first day freshness throughout the shelf life of the product. All the components are fully traceable, food grade materials and ATCO's Oxygen absorbers have been favourably assessed by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and approved for direct food contact. The absorbers are manufactured in a ISO9001 factory in Northern France, with low MOQ and short lead times and products are available for rapid delivery.

Download a data sheet for full product and technical specification

O2 Absorption in food packaging

O2 Absorption in small containers

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