Gas MIXERS and Gas ANALYSERS for gas flushing in the food industry

EMCO controls gases for gas flushing or Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) via the following technologies:- MIX Gases - via mechnical or fully electronic gas mixing systems. FLOW Optimisation - via electronic gas mixing systems linked to continuous on line gas analysis. GAS measurement - via off line headspace analysers or continuous on line gas analysis.

Gas Flushing
Gas Flushing

Technical Gas Mixing & analysis for non food applications including: Medical, Automotive, Life Sciences, Laser Welding, 3D printing & Cell Incubators.

In an expansion of EMCO capabilities the same precision multiple gas control is now offered in the TGMIX Technical to enable high mix low gas scenarios outside the food industry to serve medical, industrial and science requirements. With exact flow recording and reporting by MODBUS and/or PROFIBUS interfaces there is easy integration with modern technical systems.


Gas TANKS, Gas MIXERS and Gas ANALYSERS used in the gas flushing process

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