Testing package headspace for O2 + CO2 + N2

With a mix of unique testing equipment EMCO offers simple and costs effective technologies to test a variety of packaging in food processing. With ease of use and quality of construction embedded in each gas analyser, they are design to be operated for destructive testing both on and off a production line, with minimal disruption and easy to use recording options, export and data sharing.

 Quality Control
 Quality Control

Gas Analysis & Leak Detection for packages

EMCO has an in line leak and burst testing system in one sequential test. No septums, no handling of needles and with automated back-flush/purge, this machine allows staff operating the production line, to provide quick, simple and efficient testing of packs, for both gasses and leaks.


Measuring GAS + LEAK for testing the effectiveness of GAS flushing & SEAL integrity in the food & medical sectors

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