Absorbing Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in Food Packaging

Active packaging is able maintain and alter the pack atmosphere within individual food packs to maintain freshness, extend shelf life and increase consistency and quality for the consumer. They have a low unit cost and are easily inserted either by hand or from a machine fed system. The sachets or self adhesive labels are food quality compliant having been favourably assessed by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and are approved for direct food contact. Available to either absorb Oxygen or Carbon Dioxide, there are a huge variety of sizes and formats to meet manufacturer's requirements.

Active Packaging
Active Packaging

Active Packaging Indicators, Absorbers & Generators

EMCO supplies ATCO® O2 + CO2 active packaging products. In the 1980's ATCO® were the first manufacture of Active Packaging Technologies in Europe and offer an extensive range of products that are all manufactured in a first class manufacturing facility, in Northern France. The factory is ISO 9001 certified and their comprehensive range of products and formats are approved for direct food contact under European legislation. ATCO® products have helped to offer our customers innovative solutions such as the integration of sachets, labels, and strips to be cut etc.. This, in many cases, has made it possible to reduce the size of the packaging for financial, logistical and or environmental gains. Today ATCO® active products are used in many fields: food, pharmaceutical, technical and research. They have proven their efficiency to meet the specific needs of local markets but also to those who wish to supply their products all over the globe. Packing products with ATCO® is a social and environmental commitment. With ATCO®, we will eat better while preserving for longer, without additives and for better health.


OXYGEN + CO2 + Ethylene ABSORBERS to Maintain Freshness & Product Efficacy inside packages, throughout the shelf life.

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