Sentinel C19 Air Monitor Fixed

A fixed CO2 monitoring system, that alerts high levels of background CO2, a useful proxy or indicator for exhaled water vapour. Increased exhaled water vapour increases the risk of SARS Covid 19 transmission and measurement allows for adequate ventilation to mitigate this risk.

Quick and easy to install

Visual and audible alerts to change in air quality

Suitable for large or small spaces

Uses CO2 as a proxy for water vapour

Product information

EMCO Sentinel C19 is a CO2 measuring instrument with high reliability, it is quick to respond and alert to to changing carbon dioxide levels. CO2 levels are an indicator for exhaled water vapour in the air which itself, is considered to be a carrier for SARS Covid-19. Knowing what the CO2 level is, can therfore allow you to make quick and often simple changes to ventilation, if levels are too high

The large clear and easy to read display is backed up by a flashing visual and audible alarm that are triggered when the CO2 levels rise above a pre-defined threshold. Low cost of acquisition and effortless installation help to make the EMCO Sentinel C19 Air Monitor a versatile and safe gas warning system for the monitoring of CO2 concentration in the air.

Air movement and quality is considered vital by the WHO to help significantly reduce the spread of Covid-19. CO2 monitoring is an easy way to monitor to the density of water vapour in the air as it acts as a high quality proxy. As water vapour density rises, the risk of spread (even in socially distanced) classrooms, workplaces or entertainment spaces rises. Through monitoring, the optimum flow of air can be achieved, allowing staff and guests to be safe as well as balance the need for warm or heated air with that of fresh air. The same need can also occur in chilled factory settings, where fresh air may need to be cooled on entry, but is vital to reduce spread.

With an accurate and easy to read display monitoring is easy and simple and can be recorded. The unit consists of a control unit with an LED display, together with a separate pre-assembled digital sensor on a 3m cable, the sensor possesses a background self calibration facility.

Floating relays can be connected to additional warning systems or extraction systems and there is an option to connect a second CO2 sensor.

How can Carbon Dioxide (CO2) help measure potential virus transfer conditions.?

All EMCO Sentinel devices are measuring CO2 in the air at ppm levels. Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is naturally exhaled by people as they breathe and increased CO2 concentration is a useful proxy for exhaled water vapour. The greater the exhaled CO2 concentration, the great the exhaled water vapour concentration and this is where the transmission risk of SARS Covid 19, increases.

Water vapour traps the virus (when breathed out by others) and is suspended in the air, this is not an issue outside, but when the air is trapped inside and has nowhere to go (due to lack of air movement and or poor ventilation) the density of water vapour invisibly builds and increases the risk of cross spread infection. Water vapour can therefore be measured (indicatively) by the level of CO2 in the air and the risk factor assessed by our CO2 measurement equipment.

The German Environment Ministry* has published guidance that concentrations of CO2 over 1000ppm in schools, offices and enclosed spaces is a sign of increased risk of transmission and the need for through flow of fresh air.

EMCO Sentinel equipment can be set to alert at 1000ppm or even below if preferred, so that there is time for air flow to take effect. The device indicates the level of CO2 in the air constantly, so that varied air flow & ventilation solutions can be evaluated. A digital readout linked to an audible arm or visual arm then provide an objective and repeatable level to building and venue owners, who can then ensure sufficient ventilation to protect their employees and customers


German Environment Ministry


Harvard T H Chan School of Public Health

Peng & Jimenez University of Colorado

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Use in enclosed buildings to monitor air quality

Use in enclosed transport systems to monitor air quality

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